Since 1949, the founding local Amalgamated Local 298’s members have been on the front lines of the rights and dignity of working Men and Women.

In 2013 The Eastern States Joint Board was created with the vision and mission to win fair wages, better working conditions and strong labor contracts for multiple industries throughout the United States. The Mission of the Eastern States Joint Board is to advocate for every hard-working employee or member no matter where you are from or what industry you work in, we all deserve an opportunity at the American dream.

Today the ESJB is made up of multiple locals and Health and Pension funds representing different industries throughout the United States. ESJB officers and staff are organizing and building a stronger union, in large and small communities thru experienced collective bargaining the voice of the ESJB is strong ensuring a better life for all our members across America.

In recent Years all ESJB locals have made significant gains thru collective bargaining. Weather higher wages, low out of pocket healthcare cost, paid family leave, wages above minimum wage increases, hazard pay and personal protective equipment, maintaining seniority and benefits during Covid 19 pandemic, ensuring retirement benefits, and creating career employment opportunities. 

Our mission will also be that the American worker comes first and organizing the unorganized to secure our members quality jobs will remain at the forefront of our labor movement.