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We are a Joint Board made up of multiple unions of workers from multiple industries. We work in the hospital and healthcare industry, nursing home industries, health care professionals, as well as pharmacies. Busing and transportation, manufacturing, airport, ground and cargo workers, office clerical, food production, production, ambulance and EMT’s, maintenance, construction, trucking and hotels. With over 9,000 members throughout New York State, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Florida, Maryland, and the District of Columbia, California, and other states across the United States.

Being a part of Eastern States Joint Board means being part of a family that will ensure you never have to fight alone for your rights in the workplace. All workers deserve respect and dignity, affordable healthcare, better working and staffing conditions, education and training opportunities, retirement security and a voice without the worry of being fired. Learn more about all the opportunities that come with being an ESJB member by contacting our local office’s.

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Affordable Healthcare
Low-cost or no-cost health coverage is a right for all workers! As a Labor Union we collective bargain for the highest quality healthcare for our members, both full and part-time, have access to low-cost or no-cost health insurance for themselves and their families. This often includes dental, vision, accidental and death benefits, and prescription coverage.

Raises and Benefits
Even during tough economic times, members of the Eastern States Joint Board have used their voices to win the highest job standards for workers in America:

Our diversified members, have some of the most important jobs in the country. But we’re not always fairly compensated for our work. And as the cost of living goes up, our wages do not always keep pace. The members of the ESJB have been able to win some of the very best compensation, including:

  • Guaranteed yearly wage increases.
  • Step increases for years of experience.
  • Improved evening, night, weekend, and holiday differentials.
  • Higher wages for increased skill levels and certifications.
  • Better on-call pay. Minimum wage levels for the lowest paid workers.

Education Opportunities
Thru collective bargaining many of our members are part of our Scholarship Fund.

For our members employers who participate in our Scholarship fund. Our scholarship fund helps with tuition and housing and book reimbursement.

A Voice & Respect
Without a union, management has all the power, and workers have no say. With the Eastern States Joint Board and affiliate locals, members share decision-making with management, and negotiate job improvements that are then guaranteed in a contract. After the contract is in place, workers regularly meet with management to make sure the contract is enforced, and our voice is being heard in all working conditions. Having a union means that management treats workers as true partners and this leads to a more respectful and open environment at work!

A voice in government
By being part of the largest International Union the AFL-CIO our ESJB members have a strong voice in local, state, and federal governments.

Job Protections
In our volatile economy, it is important for workers to have the safety and security of union job protections. Here are some examples of job protections that ESJB members have won:

No sub-contracting
In many of our facilities, management is prevented from hiring outside contractors to replace employees. A fair disciplinary process.

Without a union, workers can be fired at any time, and without cause. With ESJB, workers can only be disciplined with just cause, and have a right to union representation during any disciplinary procedure. The final decision is made by a neutral party, not management. This ensures that no one is fired unfairly and protects us when we want to speak up for better working conditions.

Layoff protections
ESJB members have a voice to work with management and avoid layoffs. If layoffs do occur, ESJB members have the right to their former positions once they are hired again. If the employer has multiple locations or part of a chain, members are often able to transfer to other locations or positions when available.

Retirement Security
When you work in a union shop, you should have the peace of mind that you can retire with dignity and security. Many ESJB members have been able to gain retirement plans including defined and 401k/annuity plans with significant employer contributions.

US DOL Surprise Billing Notice
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