Amalgamated Production and Service Employees Local 298, International Union of Allied Novelty and Production workers, Eastern States Joint Board, AFL-CIO once represented many of the thousands of Toy and Novelty Company employees in America. As these industries moved their operations overseas, Local 298 evolved into a Union that now represents multiple industries across the country. These industries include manufacturing, maintenance, EMS/Paramedics, airport workers, healthcare and Transportation. The goal has always been to represent the American worker to our utmost ability and provide benefits, fair wages, protection against discrimination, provide safe sanitary and fair working conditions, and to enforce work laws and seniority in the workplace. Our hard-working team of Officers and business agents work tirelessly to provide our members with a workplace fair to one and all. The Local 298 team will always be there to tend to our members everchanging needs.

During the COVID 19 Pandemic, Local 298 along with the Eastern States Joint Board provided our members with everything from PPE, demanding companies create a safe workplace, assistance with Unemployment Benefits, enforcement of seniority, and Job Placement when needed.

Amalgamated Local 298 is proud to serve our ever-growing membership. Never forget, UNION YES